Do you want to see the wild dolphins of Gibraltar?

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At The Original Dolphin Safari we have the highest success rate of finding dolphins in Gibraltar, with a 98% guarantee.There is a very good reason for this, we’ve been in business for over 45 years now and it’s our experience that counts.

We operate trips all year round with several sailings daily, depending on seasonal demand.

The trips last approximately one to one and a half hours depending on how far the dolphins are.

It really is a magical experience for all ages.

Cushioned seating both inside and out 

Maximum passengers 25 so we guarantee you won’t be crammed in with others

99% guarantee to see the dolphins with our 44 years of experience

Sail first class with us

£20 writing services per adult and £10 per child when booking online.

We can also offer rock tours and many other tours and private charters.  To find out more click the book now button at the top of any page to see our full price list.


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This site aims to give you as much information as possible, you will also see links to our Facebook and Youtube channels on every page. We post every day on Facebook, how many dolphins, which species, other marine life and even whales. We do this to prove our success rate. We are the only tour offering factual statistics every single day.   Please explore and enjoy the website and the extraordinary world of The Original Dolphin Safari. est 1969   To give you some idea of what to expect from The Original Dolphin Safari please see the film below where we were featured on local news for spotting the Orca, Killer Whales, and our theories on what brought them and how the other dolphins we normally see feel about their presence.     You will see from the film that March and April the dolphin numbers are lower and they tend to be further out into the Strait and this is the time of year that we have the rare trips without seeing any dolphins but we still see dolphins on most trips because of our experience.  Don’t believe anyone who tells you that there are dolphins guaranteed all year round including the spring, or perhaps fail to mention this seasonal and annual event that we in the trade call ‘No Do’ season, don’t be mislead by anyone, do your own research.  In contrast to the March and April ‘no do’ season, we have ‘superpod season’ in September and October particularly, which unfortunately is when there aren’t so many tourists, but hundreds if not thousands of dolphins.  On this webiste you can learn more about the dolphins habits and what we’ve observed.  We don’t claim to be marine biologists, but what we can tell you is what we’ve seen with our own eyes and experience, and experience is what counts.   Safari will always offer the customer as much information as possible and factual truthful information because this is wild dolphin watching and we try to give you the clearest most honest picture so that you know what to expect from a Dolphin Safari.   Below see what we got up to in 2012, including the boat, crew, customers and of course the dolphins.     Triumphant and the best we can be – as always!

The Original Dolphin Safari Gibraltar